The Crypton Mills at Broad River

Formerly Abercrombie Textiles.

Crypton Mills

Crypton Mills

Crypton Mills at Broad River, formerly Abercrombie Textiles, weaving the future of American-made textiles, with ingenuity, technology and design.

Located in Cliffside, North Carolina.

We are leveraging our rich textile legacy with exciting textile innovations, performance capabilities, creative design and customized yarns.

Our talented collective of weavers, designers, and customer service providers have aligned with Crypton’s commitment to textile solutions that truly make an impact, to innovate, craft and design beautiful American made textiles for the residential and contract markets.  Together we  deliver the best product at the highest standards with quick lead times.

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Mill location

3400 Hwy 221A
Cliffside, NC 28024

Hours of operation

Mon – Fri:
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.